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We all love a great G&T, but did you know there are many creative uses for Jolly Cut Juniper & Cedar Tonic syrup. Check these out.

Jolly Cut

The G&T is a great all season cocktail. This also makes a dynamite non-alc mixer. The Juniper in the syrup means you won't miss the gin if you're not imbibing or mixing up your drinks to keep the party going longer.

Use Jolly Cut Cedar & Juniper Tonic syrup


Jolly Cut

It's great to have non-alc options at the ready for yourself or guests who are not drinking. This beauty is a bright red Campari-ish sparkler. Bring on the bitter.

Use Jolly Cut Juniper & Tonic Syrup

Screen Shot 2021-11-07 at 5.35.53 PM.png

Perfectly clear ice will elevate your cocktail and make you look like a bar star. To make clear ice you have to eliminate air and impurities. It's actually very easy. Sounds like a better tasting cocktail is in your future.

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