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Clear Ice

It's easy to make beautiful, perfectly clear ice

  1. All you need is a small cooler and a freezer

  2. Clean your cooler well, remove the top if possible

  3. Fill with 6" water

  4. Freeze with the lid off, or top open for 24 hours

  5. Turn cooler upside down and wait for ice to loosen up. The unfrozen water is trapped under the ice, so do this in a sink

  6. When free, you'll have a slab of perfectly clear ice

  7. USE CAUTION if using a knife on slippery ice

  8. You can break it up how you like, but score a line with a bread knife and gently tap the knife with a hammer to make a clean break

Perfectly clear ice will elevate your cocktail and make you look like a bar star. To make clear ice you have to eliminate air and impurities. Sounds like a better tasting cocktail is in your future.

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