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Jolly Cut was founded in Hamilton in 2018 by Doug Blendell. He has a background in distilling, where a "cut" signifies the point where a distiller separates the spirit to keep and that to discard. A jolly cut indeed. In Hamilton the Jolley Cut mountain access road connects the upper and lower cities. The name just kinda stuck.

Jolly Cut Cocktail Co. is a line of natural, premium cocktail syrups. We believe that making someone a cocktail is an expression of love. Our carefully crafted products help make that cocktail easier and better.

Our syrups are developed and tested behind the bar by great bartenders. We use only natural, wild foraged and organic ingredients. We are committed to the concepts of simplicity and fresh is best. We aim to make syrups that simplify recipes, so anyone can be a cocktail star.

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Jolly Cut is a small batch company. Every product is now hand made in Prince Edward County. We fit perfectly into the beverage culture of this rural community. The forests and agricultural landscape are the perfect backdrop for our natural ethos. Every flavour and colour we use comes from botanical Ingredients.


We're thrilled that a resurgent cocktail culture is embracing the recipes and practices of the pre-prohibition era. A time when fresh and natural ingredients where standard fare, and the skill of the barkeep was paramount. Cheers!

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