From our bar to yours. Great cocktails made easy.

Jolly Cut Cocktail Co. is more than a line of cocktail syrups and bitters. We believe that making someone a cocktail is an expression of love. Our carefully crafted products help make that cocktail easier and better.

Our syrups and bitters are perfect for bartenders or entertaining at home. We've spent years behind the bar developing a book full of recipes and shortcuts that can make anyone a cocktail star. 

Elevate your cocktail game one drink at a time. 

So why the name "Jolly Cut"? Our background is in distilling, where a "cut" signifies the point where a distiller separates the spirit to keep and that to discard. A jolly cut indeed. Here in Hamilton we also have the Jolley Cut mountain access road that connects the upper and lower cities. It all just felt right and still does.

Jolly Cut Cocktail Co. products are proudly made in 

Hamilton, ON

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