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Jolly Cut Shakerato (non-alc) (or not)

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Use Jolly Cut Organic Espresso & Spice syrup.

  1. Save a cup of your morning coffee. Keep it cold

  2. You'll need a shaker for this one

  3. Add 1.5oz cold coffee

  4. Add 1.5oz cream, milk, or non-dairy

  5. Add .5oz Jolly Cut Organic Espresso & Spice syrup

  6. Shake with ice & strain

  7. Dash with ground cinnamon to garnish

You can add an ounce of brandy, whisky, or vodka to make this into an after dinner treat. As a non-alc option, this is a great brunch or post lunch way to have a fancy coffee.

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