• Jolly Cut

The Jolly Cut Sour

Whisky Sour
The Jolly Cut Sour

1oz Jolly Cut Old Fashioned Syrup

1.5oz whisky (Rye or Bourbon) or Pisco

1.5oz fresh lemon juice

.5oz pasteurized egg whites (optional)

Shake all ingredients with ice for 10 seconds to develop a frothy texture. Strain onto fresh ice and enjoy!

The sour is a refreshing and potent all season cocktail. It should be a staple drink at any good bar or gathering. It's character is strong whisky flavours, bright tart citrus, spices and balanced sweetness. Just be careful, once word gets out that you make a great sour, you'll have lots of guests. Using Jolly Cut Old Fashioned syrup simplifies the process and creates a rich and flavourful cocktail. Enjoy!

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