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Sumac Cosmopolitan

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Use Jolly Cut Organic Sumac & Cranberry syrup.

  1. You'll need a cocktail shaker/strainer for this one

  2. Add 2oz vodka

  3. Add 1oz Jolly Cut Organic Sumac & Cranberry syrup

  4. Add juice of half a lemon

  5. Shake with ice & strain

The Cosmo is a classic cocktail for vodka lovers. We kicked it up a notch by making it with our Organic Sumac & Cranberry syrup. Better ingredients, a unique flavour and perfect balance make this a tasty sipper. Staghorn Sumac berries form as bright red cones in the autumn. We wild foraged our Sumac in Prince Edward County, Ontario. They have a distinct citrusy and tart flavour.

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