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Low-Alc Angostura Sour

Use Jolly Cut Organic Simple Syrup

1. 1oz Jolly Organic Simple Syrup

2. 2oz lemon juice

3. 1egg white

4. 5 dashes Angostura bitters

(Dry) Shake all ingredients without ice, for foamy texture

Add ice to shaker and shake again

Drop Ango onto the foam and run a toothpick through the middle to make cute little hearts

This is an ALMOST non-alc cocktail. Just a bit of bitters. Less than .25% abv. It’s a twist on an Angostura sour, so expect big flavour, aromatic notes and lots of citrus. You could add rum or bourbon to make this a classic sour. For those looking for a beautiful cocktail without the booze, this one's for you. The true Angostura sour uses a full 2oz of bitters, which is intense. This will be a lot more balanced for those with a non-psychotic palate.

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