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Fundraiser for Hamilton Hospitality Workers

We want everyone to have a jolly holiday season this year. For out of work hospitality workers, this year has been tough. The Jolly Holly is an initiative that aims to spread cheer to hospitality workers in Hamilton by offering help buying food and essentials.

Jolly Cut Cocktail Co will be donating gift cards for groceries to hospitality workers in need. We’ll also be collecting donations through our website, of which 100% will go to this initiative. $1 from every bottle of JC sold through this holiday season will go to this project as well.

As a way of generating awareness for the Jolly Holly, we held a cocktail contest. The winning cocktail will be featured on the JC socials and it’s creator will receive a prize pack. Prizes will include items from Jolly Cut, Jim Beam, Vintage Coffee and Cocktail Emporium.

Are you a laid off Hospitality Worker?

Click the link and enter your information for a chance to receive a Jolly Holly grocery gift card. We ask that only people who fit the following criteria enter:

  • You must live in the Hamilton ON area

  • You must be laid off because of COVID-19 restrictions

  • The job you're laid off from must be in the hospitality industry

Gift cards will be given to those who meet the criteria and will be chosen by lottery.  There will be a 50/50 split of available cards for front of house and back of house workers.

Your personal information is kept 100% private.